Kitaballah Academy gives you the chance to plan your own course.


If you want to study certain curriculum you have in mind like: Madinah books, The Handwriting Book, Key to Arabic, Gateway to Arabic, Arabic Without Tears, Media Arabic, The Connector, IQRA Arabic Reader, I love Arabic, Noor Albayan, Arabic Between Your Hands, Al-Qaida Al-Noorania,… etc. Or if you want to learn a certain skill in Arabic, for example, focusing mainly on improving listening, speaking, reading, or writing skills,   If you have certain objectives that do not exist in any course,   just do it yourself, do it your way!  
Academy’s role in planning the course will be a kind of consultancy, by recommending the addition or deletion of certain parts of your course, based on your capabilities and the course duration. Then, the instructor will teach you the course you have planned!
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