About us

Kitab Allah Academy is an online Quran academy that offers Arabic and Quran teaching courses in an engaging,  and effective way, for both children and adults. It aims at showing the students how to really comprehend Quran and Arabic in depth; such deep understanding opens other knowledge gates, like those of Islamic studies and other various, meaningful Arabic books in several fields. Thus,  Kitab Allah Academy does not only help you to understand the Arabic language and Quran, but it also gives you a hand with entering a new, broader world of knowledge! 

Our Vision

Excellence and leadership in teaching Arabic and the Noble Qur’an with less effort, and in a faster time, via the Internet.

Our Mission

The mission of Kitab Allah Academy is to provide fundamental learning of Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies, through dedication and teamwork of our highly-qualified, experienced, and Arabic-native teachers. So, you can learn online in an interactive, digital, and entertaining environment, while being at home. Not only that, but it is also to bless the world with the knowledge of Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies online. Furthermore, Kitab Allah Academy is here for those Muslims, both children and adults, who are far away from their homelands and the Islamic centers. There are both male and female tutors. Beside that, we provide feedback to the parents on the progress of their kids continuously, to be able to track their level throughout the entire course. 

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