Quran Starting Level


Starting level

This course is mainly for the ones who have just started learning the recitation of the Holy Quran.
In this course, you are provided with the best curriculum to teach the Quran in a very practical way, through easy presentation, precise information, and vivid examples from the Holy Quran.
This curriculum is taught in an interesting and exciting way that draws the attention of the old and young, bearing in mind the understanding level of every student.

The Results

  • Knowing the Arabic phonics and their right pronunciation.
  • Being able to differentiate every letter, whether regarding pronunciation or form.
  • Being qualified, after finishing this course, to move to the next one, ‘the course of teaching Quran- the intermediate level.’
  • Learning some of the Tajweed rules, as well as being able to extracting them from the Quran verses.

The Advantages

  • The teachers of Quran and the Arabic language are qualified and certified, as well as their mother tongue is Arabic.
  • The teacher teaches the students alone, giving him online assignments and quizzes for each lesson.
  •  The student is given a monthly evaluation and a certificate after completing the course.
  • The lesson files and video will be sent to the student’s e-mail as soon as it is completed to review it when necessary.
  • Kitab Allah Academy provides both male and female teachers.
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